MacBook Silver VS Space Grey – What Color is Best | Decortweaks (2023)

MacBook Silver VS Space Grey – What Color is Best | Decortweaks (1)

Apple has become a popular pick for laptops. Their laptops are known for their lightweight and ease when working in remote locations. Enter the MacBook Pro in silver and space grey. But, which one should you get? Let’s take an inside look at both for comparison.

This will assist you in making your decision on which one to purchase. After all, deciding which laptop to buy from the same manufacturer is a tough call. We’ll take a close look at durability, aesthetics, functionality and more.

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Silver vs Space Grey

Both the MacBook Pro in silver and space grey are wrapped in recycled aluminum. This allows the laptop to withstand normal wear and tear. Silver is good at hiding scratches. Space grey is more effective at hiding darker scruffs. So, if you are more keen on hiding scrapes and scratches, silver would be a good pick for you. If you prefer to disguise darker scruffs, then the space grey is a good pick for you.

MacBook Silver VS Space Grey – What Color is Best

(Video) SILVER or SPACE GRAY? 2021 Macbook Pro Color Comparison

Another thing you may want to consider is whether you want to go with light or dark. The lighter silver laptop sports a very classic look. It happens to be Apple’s iconic look. The silver is reflective of Apple’s elegance. This classic color is seen on many iPhones and iPads.

Silver is very professional-looking. The MacBook Pro in silver also features a contrast in between the keys. This makes it much easier to type if you look at the keys when you are typing. However, it does reflect light. That can make it a little bit distracting when you are typing.

The dull color of space grey makes it easy to work in lighter environments. In lighter environments, it closely resembles silver. In darker environments, it closely resembles black. And its trackpad blends nicely. It is important for you to remember that the space grey will show more scratches than the silver.

(Video) MACBOOK PRO SILVER VS. SPACE GRAY – Easy Questions to Decide the Best Color for You!

Just keep in mind that the space grey will probably be discontinued soon. If you want space grey, you will need to purchase it soon. Silver will remain the mainstay of Apple for a long time to come. As a matter of fact, most folks choose the silver. All around, the space grey is subtle and sleek looking.

More than Color with the MacBook Pro

There are other things to consider besides color when deciding whether to buy the MacBook silver or space grey. Do you want a 14-inch or 16-inch? Both models are the same except for the display sizes. Both include a Max system-on-chip and a Liquid Retina XDR display and Touch. All in all, laptops have a lot of specifications in common. The only main difference is the color. Likely, you will be using your laptop a lot. So, just go with the color that pleases you the most aesthetically. There is really no wrong choice when it comes to the color of your laptop.

Other Things About MacBook Pro to Know

MacBook Pros are great for their appearance, functionality and performance. Apple has really upped its game with the appearance of the MacBook Pro. It has a very aesthetic design. It is squared off and thicker. Plus, it stands higher on the feet. This allows for both back and side vents to cool it down better. The company logo is much more visible and just looks plain cool. Just these few changes make it stand out more than previous designs.

And with more ports now, its functionality is ramped up. This is ideal for external storage. There is now an SD card slot and an HDMI port. Its magnetic charging port is totally user-friendly. Just get an angle on it, and it is a breeze to put in and take out. With the MacBook Pro, the charging brick is totally separate from the USB C cable. It has a lot of power, too. The brick has 140 watts. It charges fast. You can also use a USB C charger to charge the MacBook Pro.

The new MacBook Pro has headphone jack supports that support high impedance headphones. That is always good to know because some headphones need more power to operate and don’t operate well on just regular jacks. Regular headphones range from 30 to 50 ohms impedance. Then an external device is required to ramp up the power. The new MacBook Pro takes care of this.

The MacBook Pro now has a new keyboard. Its new keyboard is all buttons with a no-touch bar. Plus, it is now equipped with full-height function keys. And its new backlight gives it a splash of wow factor.

Performance is also important when it comes to buying a laptop. And the MacBook Pro does not disappoint. It has reliable login security along with a touch ID that operates fast. Aesthetically, it is very subtle looking. You will also be impressed with the speakers on the MacBook Pro.

They are nothing less than incredible.It just makes the MacBook Pro more fun to use. The new displays are above amazing. Its 10-bit mini LED HDR screens have excellent resolution. And its fast refresh rate is ideal for avid gamers. The notch on the top screen takes great photographs. It even has an LED for the camera along with an ambient light sensor.

(Video) 2021 MacBook Pro SILVER vs SPACE GRAY

The processing speed and power of the MacBook Pro are a step above other laptops. It has SSD storage of 512 GB. Massive data can be stored without the use of any external devices.

And with RAM of 16 GB, users get double than other comparing laptops. The MacBook Pro is definitely what is considered a high-end laptop. This laptop does not slow down. With a resolution of 3546 x 2234, it delivers high clarity. Its 14-core CPU delivers raised performance. All around, the processing power of the MacBook Pro allows for more tasks. It is just years ahead of any other MacBook. In a nutshell, life just keeps getting better for Mac users.

When it comes right down to it, the silver MacBook and the space grey MacBook have the same size and specs. The only real differentiating factors are aesthetics and color. It is a subjective choice on which one to buy. Just go with the one you like best. The MacBook Pros are pricey but worth every penny. It comes as no surprise that it is making a splash in the tech world.

What Others are Saying About the MacBook Pro Silver and Space Grey

According to Screen Rant, “Even with just two available styles, that still means there’s a decision to be made. For most folks, Space Gray will likely be the color of choice. It’s nice and subdued, pairs well with the black keyboard, and just looks all-around fantastic. Space Gray’s been the go-to color for the Mac since the 12-inch MacBook launched in March 2015. Some folks like Space Gray because it’s darker and stealthier than Silver.

Other people prefer it because it’s generally considered the more modern choice. Whatever your reason for wanting a Space Gray Mac, it looks excellent on the 2021 MacBook Pro. Comparatively, Silver is a great choice for anyone who wants that iconic MacBook aesthetic. Some may argue that it looks outdated compared to Space Gray, but the combination of the stark silver with the black keyboard is a combination that’s hard to argue with.

There’s also an argument to be made that Silver is the more practical of the two colors. Since Space Gray has a painted finish over its aluminum body, there’s a greater chance it’ll show scuffs and scratches more easily. With Silver being closer to a natural aluminum color, any wear and tear won’t be as noticeable.” states, “From a purely aesthetic perspective, you might want to make your choice solely on whether you want light or dark casing. Historically, black is the color for most electronics. Though Space Gray is not pure black, it’s the closest thing to it here. It’s also the newer of Apple’s two available color choices for the MacBook Pro.

Meanwhile, Silver is the closest thing to an iconic Apple color. It’s the hue also found on many iPads and iPhones over the years. Therefore, if you’d like a classic look, go with Silver. Otherwise, Space Gray is for you.”

(Video) SILVER vs SPACE GREY Macbook Pro - Which would you keep?

According to, “It has been a long wait, but this fall Apple’s flagship 16-inch MacBook Pro finally gets the Apple M1 silicon treatment. In addition to ditching Intel processors for Cupertino’s own M1 Pro and M1 Max, the biggest of the MacBook Pros gains more input/output ports and a gorgeous new XDR display.

Just as its predecessor did, the new laptop holds its own against Windows mobile workstations. But the latest 16-inch MacBook Pro (starts at $2,499; $4,299 as tested) isn’t so much more powerful or capable than its competitors—or its new 14-inch little sibling—in conventional CPU metrics that every pro user will be able to justify its high cost. This model is all about the specialized usage cases of macOS-bound content pros for whom processing times are money, writ large.”

Reasons to Buy MacBook Pro

There are plenty of reasons to buy a MacBook Pro. Apple has set the gold standard for laptops. Its exterior design is a benchmark with its quality materials and aluminum finishes. And the power of its M1 chips allows its battery to run for 18 hours. The MacBook Pro also has a minimalist design that doesn’t go out of style. It will look great for years to come.

The quality of materials and manufacturing is above many high-end PCs. Apple just stands out from the herd. For those who value high quality, Apple is the go-to tech manufacturer.

The MacBook Pro is very durable with its aluminum unibody. It has a tough exterior. The interior of this Mac is amazing with its modular configuration. Its hardware is soldered together.

The MacBook Pro is enough to buy just for the user experience. You definitely want a laptop that is functional and stable when you use it every day. From the get-go, the MacBook Pro delivers this. Everything is well thought out, and you are ready to go straight from the box. There is no learning curve. The Mac operating system is a breeze to use.

When it comes to performance, the MacBook reigns supreme. It is a blazing beast. It is fast. For gaming performance, it is unrivaled. Its webcam is ideal for video conferencing. Perfect for those who work from home. Its 1080p camera delivers clear and bright images. Whether you are videoconferencing for work or just chatting with a pal, you will look your best.

As such, it’s great that both new MacBook Pros come with a 1080p camera. The camera produces bright and clear images, revealing more details than the 720p camera of the Intel-based 2020 MacBook Pro. Whether you’re attending a work meeting or having a chat with a friend or significant other, the 1080p will make you look your best.

(Video) MacBook Pro Color Review and Final Decision Silver vs Space Grey 16 inch

Hands down, the MacBook Pro is stellar in every category. Now, you just have to decide which color to get – silver or space grey.

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Should I get a silver or space grey MacBook? ›

The Silver model is the way to go if you're looking for the lightest and most portable MacBook. If you want the best battery life, go for Space Grey. And if you need more storage or a higher resolution display, then splurge on the Silver model. Otherwise, both models are evenly matched in terms of specs and price.

Which color is better space grey or silver? ›

Silver, however, is better at hiding minor scratches and scrapes caused by sliding it around on a table. Space Gray, by contrast, is more likely to disguise dark scruffs. Therefore, when choosing between the MacBook Pro (2021) colors, go with Silver if you want to hide small scratches and scrapes.

Which MacBook color is most popular? ›

Color Popularity

The most popular MacBook Pro 2021 - 14" color is Gray, favored by 77% of buyers.

Which MacBook color is better? ›

Silver is a popular MacBook Air 2022 - 13" color option preferred by many Swappa buyers. This shade is an old favorite, also found on the previous generation MacBook Air 2020 - 13". This well-liked hue makes a safe style choice.

Which color of MacBook Air 2022 is best? ›

MacBook Air (2022) colors

Out of these options, we'd argue that Midnight is the most exciting one, especially as it's the one that feels the freshest. It's a very dark shade of blue that's almost black, and it's an all-new color for Macs.

Is Apple getting rid of space GREY? ›

Following the discontinuation of the iMac Pro earlier this year, Apple announced in May that it would also be discontinuing the space gray iMac accessories. That day has officially come, and the space gray Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad, and Magic Mouse are no longer available to order from Apple.

Is silver or space GREY more durable? ›

Silver is probably slightly more durable in the long term but I found the space gray a lot better. I would simply pick what you prefer, pick silver if you have no preference for slightly better color durability. Don't worry too much even space grey is durable.

Why does space GREY cost more? ›

Yes, in the manufacturing process, the silver color requires no dye to the body of the keyboard; this keyboard has to undergo a dyeing process which gives it the space gray color, making it more expensive to manufacture.

Does the space grey MacBook scratch easily? ›

Yes, as easily as others. I haven't had a problem, they're fairly sturdy, but if you beat up your MacBook or put it in a cluttered backpack or bump it into walls, it will scratch or dent. If you care or intend to resell it, put a plastic “shell” on it.

What is the difference between space GREY and silver? ›

Silver is classic and lighter in hue which lightens up a room. Space Gray is more muted and there's a larger mismatch between Space Gray machines and accessories. I've owned both color devices and personally prefer silver (iMac, iPhone, AirPods). I think scuffs are more visible on silver.

What is the most common laptop color? ›

Okay, there's a reason why out of all the coloured laptops, black laptops remain dominant: they're a classic. If you're into more traditional colours, there are plenty to choose from.

What is the most popular color choice? ›

It is also closely tied to national and political identity. Yet a new YouGov survey conducted in 10 countries across four continents shows that one color – blue – is the most popular across the board.

Which color is best in laptop? ›

Chances are the platinum will be just fine, and it looks really smart. It's the traditional Surface color, and if you're ever going into a meeting room or somewhere else where a red laptop probably won't do your image much good, it's the one to go for anyway.

Which color is best for MacBook M2? ›

On the M2 MacBook Air, Starlight is the gold color option, whereas Starlight is a brighter white color on the newer iPhone 14 series, which makes it one of the best colors on the iPhone 14. Apple has used multiple different styles of gold for many of its products over the years.

Is MacBook Air 2022 still worth buying? ›

The new MacBook Air is a success on virtually every level. It's got a better screen, thinner and lighter design, better speakers, a much-improved webcam, an excellent keyboard and trackpad, more convenient charging, and excellent build quality.

Which is better MacBook Air M1 or M2? ›

In our testing, the M2 has an 18 percent faster CPU than the M1. The new chip doesn't just mean that the new Macs can accomplish more though, they use less power doing so: Apple promises an increased CPU performance of 18 percent with the same energy consumption thanks to various optimizations.

Why did Apple stop making Space Grey? ›

The discontinuation of the Space Grey coloured accessories follows the earlier decision of Apple to discontinue the iMac Pro. iMac Pro was the only Mac available in Space Grey colour option, and Apple had designed special matching accessories for it.

What is Apple discontinuing 2022? ›

Following the introduction of the Mac Studio and Studio Display in March, Apple discontinued the 27-inch iMac, which was the final iMac model with an Intel processor. With the iMac Pro also discontinued last year, the 24-inch iMac with the M1 chip is currently the only all-in-one desktop computer sold by Apple.

What Macbooks is Apple discontinuing? ›

The 12-inch MacBook (also called the Retina MacBook, officially marketed as the new MacBook) is a discontinued Mac laptop made by Apple Inc., which sat between the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro in Apple's laptop lineup.
12-inch MacBook.
MacBook (Early 2015) in gold with ISO keyboard
PredecessorMacBook (2006–2012)
13 more rows

Is the silver MacBook distracting? ›

No way. It is absolutely fine. Both the silver and the grey models are fine. Practically all models in the MacBook line have been silver for a long time now, and they were never distracting because of that.

What is the best space color? ›

The safest option in most uses is sRGB. While it's not the largest color space and isn't ideal for high-quality imaging applications, you'll be hard-pressed to find a device or app that doesn't handle files embedded with the sRGB colorspace as you'd expect. So a good real of thumb is: if in doubt, use sRGB.

Is the silver MacBook Air painted? ›

Apple doesn't paint their products these days. But they do anodize the surface to create different colors. The “silver” is likely straight aluminum. But perhaps it's anodized to a silver color as the space grey is anodized to grey.

Is Apple Space Grey black? ›

Space Grey is the color of the metal for both phones. Because the X is glossy steel it looks darker But there are some angles where you can tell the metal isn't black, but gray.

Is Apple discontinuing Magic Keyboard? ›

Apple this week stopped selling its Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, Magic Mouse 2, and Magic Trackpad 2 accessories for the Mac in a Space Gray color, around three months after discontinuing the iMac Pro, which also came in Space Gray.

What is the color code for Space Grey? ›

The gray hex code is #808080.
Color conversion.
RGB Decimal128, 128, 128rgb(128,128,128)
RGB Percentage50.2, 50.2, 50.2rgb(50.2%, 50.2%, 50.2%)
CMYK0, 0, 0, 50
HSL0°, 0, 50.2hsl(0°, 0%, 50.2%)
10 more rows

How do I clean my MacBook space GREY? ›

A microfibre cloth which has been very slightly dampened with water (and nothing else) is the best bet. This is the formal Apple advice for cleaning.

How do I get fingerprints off my midnight MacBook? ›

Dampen a soft, lint-free cloth with water only, then use it to clean the computer's screen. To clean hard-to-remove smudges or fingerprints on the display or exterior of your Mac, you can use a cloth moistened with a 70-percent isopropyl alcohol (IPA) solution to gently wipe the display or enclosure of your Mac laptop.

What colors go with space GREY? ›

Pair a Color with Gray
  • Dark Gray + Electric Blue. Gray + Light Blue. ...
  • Gray + Gold. Gray + Gold. ...
  • Charcoal + Dark Green. Gray + Dark Green. ...
  • Gray + Lime. Gray + Light Green. ...
  • Gray + Orange Soda. Gray + Orange. ...
  • Dusk + Blush. Gray + Light Pink. ...
  • Gray + Cherry Red. Gray + Red. ...
  • Light Gray + Yellow. Gray + Yellow.
Jan 7, 2021

Is silver just shiny grey? ›

Silver is a metallic, shiny version of gray (hex #808080). It's not a true or solid color but rather a reflective tone. To achieve silver, you must apply a reflective pigment to a gray base.

What colour goes best with space GREY? ›

Take a look through our most popular colour partnerships to find the perfect combination for your space.
  • Red and Grey. ...
  • Mustard and Grey. ...
  • Green and Grey. ...
  • Teal Blue and Grey. ...
  • Blush Pink and Grey. ...
  • Blue and Grey.
Mar 3, 2020

What is the best screen color? ›

The consensus is that the "non-colours", white and black, and the colours yellow, green, and orange are generally most acceptable. These colours (yellow, green, orange) are in the middle of the visible spectrum (the range of colours that our eyes can detect) and are the easiest for the eye to see.

Is black or silver laptop better? ›

Black is the safest bet, then followed by silver and midnight blue and then white. Please have in mind that you are stuck with this laptop atleast for 4-5 years so if you buy a color that just looks attractive for now, you might regret it after a year and also may lose the intrest you have to take care of your laptop.

What color is best for reading on screen? ›

Black text on a white background provides maximal value contrast and, therefore, optimal readability for body text. Black text on a white background provides maximal value contrast and, therefore, optimal readability for body text.


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